Shorts Program #1: Native Visions

Thurs., 11/3, 5:00 p.m.

The Shaman's ApprenticeAngakuksajaujuq – The Shaman’s Apprentice (Kunuk, 2021). An animated adaptation of an Inuit traditional story, from the North Baffin region. The Shaman’s Apprentice tells the story of a young shaman in training who must face her first test-a trip to the underground to visit Kannaaluk, The One Below, who holds the answers to why a community member has become ill. Facing dark spirits and physical challenges, the young shaman must learn to control her fear and listen to what Kannaaluk has to tell her. (20 minutes)

Kicking the Clouds (Hopinka, 2022). A reflection on descendants and ancestors, guided by a 50-year-old audio recording of director Sky Hopinka’s grandmother learning the Pechanga language from her mother. (16 minutes)

This Is Who I AmThe Trails Before Us (Bitsoie, 2022). 17-year-old Nigel James, a Diné mountain biker. hosts the first Enduro race in the Navajo Nation. (13 minutes)

Big Water Summer: A Creation Story (Harris, 2022). As a farmer on the Navajo Nation, Cherilyn Yazzie and her husband are embarking on their biggest crop to date to grow produce for their community. Big Water Summer follows the farm over a summer where nothing goes as planned. (15 minutes)

This Is Who I Am (Ibanez, 2021). When she moves to New York City, a young Anishinaabe woman struggles to express her identity and preserve her culture. The film’s producer, Kalvin Hartwig, will be in attendance another showing of the film on Saturday, 11/5, screening at 7:30 p.m (with The Territory). (12 minutes)